Google has just announced some changes to its Android app for Google Drive. Starting with the upcoming update, users will have new editing features at their disposal right within the Drive app itself. Tablet users will also be getting one nice treat in the update as well.

Google Drive started out as Google’s answer to the cloud storage service currently headed by Dropbox. In time, however, it swallowed up Google’s cloud productivity suite, Google Docs, as well. Unfortunately for Android users, the editing features within the Drive app are sub par and forces them to rely on third party apps, such as the Google-acquired QuickOffice, with varying levels of support and results.

Google does seem quite intent on improving the Drive app’s editing features. In the upcoming update, users will have access to find and replace features, table management, and named styles. Tablet users will be able to also view files in two-column layouts. It will also be possible to rename scanned images and docs before they get uploaded to the cloud. It seems, however, that there is still a general feeling of discontent among users, with the app still missing even basic features like inserting images in documents.

The update for the Google Drive app on Android is still not available and will only start to roll out in the next few days.

SOURCE: Google