Google Doodles are probably some of the things we look forward to when visiting the Google site, aside from actually searching for things of course. But when it comes to the Google Discover feed on your Android device, it was previously there but eventually was removed and replaced with a G logo and search bar, and then eventually just the Google logo. The most recent update though has brought back the Google Doodle, at least for the Pixel Launcher feed.

Google usually plays around with various design iterations hence the current look for the Pixel Launcher and other Google launchers that has just the Google logo at the top and then the search pill at the bottom. But if you download the most recent update, version 9.27 and above, the Google logo has been replaced with the current Google Doodle. That’s what it looks like for the Pixel Launcher.

On other devices, the launcher will show the Google Doodle as well and then the search bar, Updates, and settings are below. When there’s no featured doodle for the day, it will probably report back to the Google logo. Users started noticing the change during St. Patrick’s Day last March 17 and hopefully, it will continue on with other doodles.

This may also be just another one of Google’s experiments but for fans of these various Google Doodles, they’re hoping it becomes a permanent thing so that you can see it whether on your desktop browser, Chrome, or the Google Discover feed.

VIA: 9 to 5 Google