Google has just issued another update for their popular Google Docs for Android app. While many of Google’s apps are awesome they seem to release a few that don’t have that great of tablet support — something that just doesn’t make sense to us. Today they’ve updated Docs with not only offline support, but they’ve also improved the tablet look and experience.

The last update back in October enhanced the tablet experience but today’s update brings it up to speed with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Not only does it work great with Android 4.0 like the pictures show, but it no longer will feel stretched out and modded for tablets — this is a full on tablet experience now. Feel free to use and love the best cloud-based documents application for Android on those tablets with ease.

Google has added offline support with the touch of a button. And if you edit any documents while offline they will automatically be recognized and uploaded to the cloud once online again — neat right? The tablet experience as we mentioned above also has been improved in regards to reading documents and will now be even more “high-def” according to Google. All the details are available from the Google Mobile Blog. Get the new and improved version from the Android Market now.

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  1. Actually you can’t edit docs while offline. Instead, what happens is if you make any changes to the online version of a doc — that change will automatically be synchronized to your “offline” copy stored on your mobile device the next time you connect to WiFi.


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