With over a billion people in the planet having some form of disability, brands like Google are developing products that would help around 15% of the world’s population. They have come up with products like Be My Eyes and Lookout and they even have a dedicated Disability Support team. One of the most requested features is video and phone support access to that team and now finally Google is making that available for those who will have questions on assistive technology and the apps and services that they can use.

The Be My Eyes app lets visually impaired users connect with sighted volunteers to figure out tasks that they may need help with, like reading expiry labels, helping with instructions, consulting colors, etc. There are almost two million volunteers that app users can connect with and is part of Google’s efforts to help people with disabilities “live more independent lives”.

The app now has a Specialized Help section in case users have some more technical questions. They can also now get phone support with a Google Disability Support specialist in case there are any other assistive technology help that they would need. Phone support is only available Monday to Friday from 8AM to 5PM. Right now, English is the only language supported but hopefully they will expand to other languages as well. \

The Disability Support team is also there to get feedback from people in order to improve Google’s products that would be able to assist those who need support in using their products. You can also head to g.co/disabilitysupport to see what other initiatives Google has for those living with disabilities.

SOURCE: Google