Google Stadia

More information about the Google Stadia has been made known to us last week. In time for the new Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL’s release, Google’s very own cloud gaming platform is said to be available very soon. It requires a Stadia Controller and a Chromecast Ultra plus a Stadia Pro account and subscription. By next month, the gaming community is expected to be abuzz with the new gaming platform. It’s going to support the latest Pixel models and even the older Pixel 2 phones.

There have been several questions surfacing about the new gaming platform. For one, there are queries about how the Stadia Controller is going to connect to different screens. Google has explained that the controller connects wirelessly to a data center.

Even without a smart TV, your TV can connect and stream games as long as there is Chromecast Ultra connected. It’s what makes it “smart” and then able to stream content.

To be used with a tablet, phone, laptop, or PC, the Stadia Controller must connect via a USB connection, at least, initially. It will be “wired” but the wireless tech is still in the works.

A Google representative took to Reddit a statement about the issue:

We want you to know that the Stadia team is and will continue to work diligently to regularly add new features to Stadia, and as you would expect, the platform will continually evolve over time. At launch, the Stadia controller will connect wirelessly to the data center, so you can play your favorite games using Chromecast Ultra on your TV. To play on your PC, laptop, tablet or phone at launch, the Stadia controller will need to be wired via USB connection. We are working to add wireless options for those endpoints soon after launch. We will be regularly communicating with gamers as we continue to add additional features and benefits.



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