Google Currents has a fair share of competition in terms of similar apps. And one thing that Google can say for Currents is that is has been updated as of today. Google Currents version 2.0 has recently found its way into Google Play. The app remains as it has — available for free and with support for devices running Android 2.2 or later.

More important here, Currents 2.0 has brought some new and improved features. For one, the app now has support for some gestures. You will be able to swipe vertically or horizontally. Google is referring to these as a “fast scan.” Rather simply, the vertical swipe will allow you to scan an edition and a horizontal swipe will advance to the next edition.

Another notable addition is the editions sidebar. This gives access to your editions, but does so within categories. This will mean easier access to categories such as World, Entertainment, Sports and Science. And nicely done, these come customized based on your country and language. You can also filter out sections with the “customize” option.

Otherwise, Currents 2.0 has added a new catalog design, a new widget, the ability to star stories for later reading, the ability to have already read stories hidden and breaking stories which are ranked by Google News with links to the full story. All said and done, this appears to be a worthwhile update.

[via Google Play]