Google has been creating a lot of products and features that would improve the accessibility options for those with disabilities. However, not everyone knows that they’re there or maybe how to enable these features on their smart devices. So as part of Global Accessibility Awareness Day a couple of days ago, they have announced a YouTube playlist that can help people set up and then use their Assistants-Enabled devices. While there are no new features, this can be helpful for those who don’t know how to do it themselves.

Currently, there are only 6 videos in the playlist but obviously, Google will be adding more as they are planning to continue building on accessibility features for all their products. The first video is just a background on the Google Assistant Accessibility Story and an intro to the video playlist itself while the other videos delve more into operating devices and enabling the features that can help them navigate the technology and the product.

There’s a video on how you’ll be able to control your various smart home devices through Google Assistant while there’s another video focusing on the Audio Accessibility features of Google Home. If you need help setting up your Google Home with a screen reader, there’s also a video to help you out with that, as well as for using the verbose mode on Chromecast.

During the I/O conference they also shared some of their accessibility plans like transcribing YouTube videos, podcasts, and phone calls. There will also be improvements on speech recognition tools for users with ALS as well as the Lookout app which helps the visually impaired navigate their surroundings.

If the accessibility options are useful and important to you, then you should save or bookmark the YouTube playlist for future videos that will be added.