Google has officially outed the fact that they’ll be bringing Google Play Store gift cards to the market. We knew this was coming and have seen countless confirmations and tips suggesting they were coming, but now it’s official. Google hasn’t confirmed the details yet, but an official Play Store Gift Cards page just went live.

We can’t be sure if this is actually supposed to be live yet, as Google hasn’t made any official announcements — but we clearly can see it and all the details. Looking over the page we clearly see multiple cards available at different prices, and they’ve confirmed retail stores like RadioShack, Target, and Gamestop will be participating.

Google Play gift cards are on their way to retail stores near you. They may not have arrived yet, so please call ahead to check availability.

Then right at the top of the page is the above quote from Google. Stating that these gift cards are on their way to stores as we speak, but possibly haven’t arrived yet. With no official announcement from Google on any of their official blogs yet we aren’t fully sure what to think here.

Another thing worth noting is Google Play gift cards cannot be redeemed for hardware. That means you won’t be able to snag the new Nexus 7 with gift card cash — and we aren’t sure why. I know they want to increase app sales, but that just seems like an odd exclusion. Gift cards also cannot be used on in-app subscriptions or magazine subscriptions. It looks like Google wants us to buy more music, movies, apps, and books.

Stay tuned as I’m sure Google will be making an official announcement soon.