Previously, if you wanted to print from the Google cloud through an Android device, you had to use a third party, unofficial application to do just that. Finally (and thankfully) there is an authentic solution to your problem, and it’s now available on Google Play as an official, licensed Google product.

Following the Google keyboard last week, we now have this. The previous solution seemed legit, but wasn’t actually a Google app. Today we have exactly that, an app from Google themselves. With the need for an app for those with a schedule too busy to allow for jumping onto a desktop and going through all the steps, Google has finally found the time to bring a fully licensed app to the table in the form of Google Cloud Print.

What Google Cloud Print allows you to do is to find a photo/document within your Cloud, send it to your Android device, and then in turn send it directly to a printer. This makes collecting your printouts as simple as one, two, three, and can all be done in a very simply laid out format. Right through Google Drive with ease!

In the Play store, there already resides a ton of apps that can do this. But the massive refreshing knowledge of knowing that you can finally do it in perfect, harmonized conjunction with the software you’re using makes us all tingly inside. With a familiar look and UI from Google, this should be all most need. The new Google Cloud Print app will make it easy for you to get your work handed in on time, and will gladly chew up some good old fashioned 8.5×11 in the process.

SOURCE: Google Play Store


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