Going digital used to be all the rage but now, there’s a rapid trend to “go mobile”. This means everything must be easily and quickly accessible from a mobile device without having to log into a desktop computer or laptop. With the advent of mobile apps, a lot of industries and companies have worked on releasing their own apps to make business more efficient than ever.

Think of an idea and more often than not, an app for that is available on the Play Store. There’s an app for everything. Cloud Console is one app that will help you to manage other apps and production services. This allows more control over virtual machines or app versions or whatever it is that you need to manage and take care of for work.

The updated Google Cloud Console now lets you edit text files that are located in Cloud Storage buckets. You may now also view those buckets, contents, and folders, as well as, view different Cloud SQL databases, metrics, and instances.

Google’s very own Cloud Console app for Android lets you create own dashboard, check state of Google App Engine or Compute Engine resources, view and manage Incidents in Google Cloud monitoring, and send quick actions to a server from your phone or tablet anytime.

Download Cloud Console from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Google Cloud Platform Blog