Back in November Google announced the Click-to-Call Emergency service whether you heard about it or not. As little of a feature this is, it is an extremely good thought and you have to respect the idea behind it. Great thinking Google!

For those that don’t know much about this. The Click-to-Call feature is something Google has done where they began displaying relevant emergency phone numbers at the top of the results page for searches around poison control, suicide and other common emergencies. When on a mobile device and you Google something like “poison control” like I have done above, it automatically puts the correct phone number at the very top. You don’t have to look through search results, load a webpage or wait for anything to load. It is right at the top for you.

Today Google has announced that they have made it easier and for many more emergency situations in over 14 countries. People on mobile devices will now get the same great result, but the phone number will be a link that allows you to dial the number instantly, just by clicking the link. So not only will the correct number automatically be at the top of any search result, but now all you have to do is click that and it will send you instantly into the dialer for you to make your emergency call as soon as possible. Isn’t that nifty. Google’s “Do No Evil” motto is at play here, as this is a great feature that only the good guys would think of.

[via Google Blog]