Google’s near the home stretch and the Google vs Oracle lawsuit has finally reached an end, and a verdict. Today in San Francisco the Jury has officially cleared Google in the lawsuit. Claiming they did not infringe on Oracles patents and thus the trial is over. Big win for Google and team green today folks.

We’ve covered this lawsuit pretty extensively although didn’t want to bore you all with too many details. You can find more coverage from the links below also. As of today, after a week of hard deliberation by the entire Jury they have finally found that Google has not infringed on any of the patents brought forward.

After Oracle initially won over the jury and was looking good in the first stage of the trial today everything changed. Now the jury has been dismissed and the third stage of the trail, where they were to decide on the damages payable to Oracle by Google has been canceled as a result. While the judge still has some work to do, as well as briefings with both parties this has to be a huge relief to Google. We are hearing from multiple sources an appeal will most likely be filed, but that is to be expected in cases of this magnitude. Stay tuned for more details.

[via SlashGear]