Google Chromebook is already available in over 2000 stores worldwide, but that number is about to expand greatly. The cheap laptops, already a heavy hitter on consumer lists, is poised to triple the amount of retail outlets it’s available in, and bring that aforementioned number to just over 6600.

With BestBuy and Amazon already racking in tons of sales for Chromebook, Google wants a piece of an even bigger pie, so it’s with that they’re introducing Chromebook to Walmart and Staples, not to mention some other big name outlets (Office Depot, Office Max, Fry’s, TigerDirect and more). For Staples, they’ll be stocking up their shelves with Acer, Samsung, and HP Chromebooks. Walmart specifically, will be offering their $199 Acer Chromebook with a 16GB SSD, and it’ll be available in over 2800 Walmart outlets nationwide.

In Europe, the emphasis will be on getting the Chromebook established, as it’s only had a small stab at the marketplace up to this point. To do that, you can expect to see Chromebooks at Tesco UK stores, and Mediamarket and Saturn stores in the Netherlands. In Australia, France and Sweden, you’ll see Chomebooks popping up in FNAC stores, Elgiganten stores, JB Hi-Fi, and Harvey Norman outlets.

With Google Chromebooks being as new to the market as they are, as well as cheap to purchase, we’ll be eyeing to see if the market snaps them up in droves as they already have done. When the Chromebook came out it seemed quite different than the other laptops already available. The biggest question will be whether or not it will be embraced as wholeheartedly the world over as it was here.

SOURCE: GoogleBlog