Not everyone (and not everywhere) is blessed with the super fast (or at least fast) internet connection that you’ve been used to. And not all are actually on unlimited data plans, and so each and every data byte is precious. The annoying thing is that when you’re trying to load a website on a slow connection, it eats up a lot of your data. Google Chrome is bringing us a Data Saver mode so that you’ll be able to avoid those kinds of situation.

If you turn on the Data Saver mode when you know that your Internet connection is slow, the amount of data you consume is significantly reduced. And now it gets reduced up to 70% more by removing the loading of most images on the site. But if you do need to see those images, you have an option to show all images or just choose the ones that you need to load and see.

But of course low data consumption reduces the browser performance as well. Some websites won’t be able to accurately determine your location. Some internal websites may not load. Some sites that used authentication may also not load properly. And of course as mentioned earlier, some of the images may not be properly visible. But if your intention is to lessen your data consumption, then you’d be willing to sacrifice these things.

To activate Data Saver, just go to your settings in the Chrome menu, and under the advanced settings, you can toggle on and off the option. For now, users in India and Indonesia will be able to access this mode, and Google promises to add more regions where Internet connectivity is problematic.

LoFi - English - Nov 24

SOURCE: Chrome