Google had an awesome year in 2011 as the new CEO Larry Page took over. With Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich launching, the emerging of Google+ and everything else in-between. While it was his first year since taking the head position at Google today he’s decided to share an open letter with the public and shareholders about Google and updates everyone on their goals, focus, and plans for 2012.

While this first statement doesn’t relate directly with Android, Larry mentioned that YouTube has well over 800 million users every month. Talk about huge numbers. This is essentially Google’s state of the union address and if you’d like to read all the details hit the link above. Obviously they don’t give away anything too special in something like this, but Page quickly mentions Android, Google+ and how well they both are doing.

Starting off talking about Android’s huge success, reaching over 850,000 activations daily now. I’m sure many were hoping for some sort of hint regarding what is coming in the future but sadly we have no such luck. Larry talks about Google as a whole and they’ve build a beautifully simple experience across Google, and that they are bringing that from PC’s to smartphones and tablets. With things like the Google Play Store, Chrome and Google Docs all being available on all three, completely wirelessly, while remaining one. Everything sync’s to the cloud in a simple, easy to use solution. From tabs in the browser, music in Google Music, and documents while on the go. No cables or syncing is required and it all works seamlessly. He said “see the theme here” possibly hinting at Google Drive.

Good news on the Google+ front also. Stating that it has seen huge growth over the last few months of 2011 and they’re now proud to report over 100 million active users on Google+. This still doesn’t come close to Facebook but for the short period G+ has been around, it’s pretty impressive.

Larry Page goes on to talk about Google Search, disregarding the impossible, and even mentions they want our love and trust. If you’d like to read more about Google, Larry Page, or his open letter hit the link below and enjoy.

[via Google]