As the whole geekdom celebrates Star Wars Day by flooding their friends’ timelines with various #MayTheFourthBeWithYou posts, brands are taking this opportunity to remind you that they have Star Wars related products and contents. Of course Google has a lot of related things and so they’re taking this opportunity to remind people about the movies, games, books/comics that are available in their respective online stores. They are also offering special discounts on selected games as well as Star Wars-themed playlists on Google Play Music.

According to Google, 2015’s episode VII, The Force Awakens is the most downloaded film of the Star Wars movies on Google Play, followed by last year’s Rogue One and then the Episodes 4-6 in 3rd-5th place (no mystery why Episodes 1-3 didn’t figure in the Top 5). When it comes to games, the Galaxy of Heroes is the most downloaded game, with Lego Star Wars Yoda II a surprise second. As for the books, Aftermath is the most downloaded with the novelization of The Force Awakens in second. Of course links to the Top 5 for each category are provided, in case you want to download them too.

But in case you want to buy some of the Star Wars games, they are offering “fun discounts” on Star Wars “must haves” from May 4-11. This includes the aforementioned Galaxy of Heroes, plus Force Arena and Pinball 5. If it’s music that floats your boat, they also have Star Wars-themed playlist on Google Play Music, which includes Star Wars’ Finest, Cantina Band Swing, and the Galaxy of John Williams.

Unfortunately, there are no mentions of the upcoming Episode VIII, The Last Jedi, which already has fans salivating when they released the first trailer a few weeks ago. But we still have 6 months to go anyway, so let’s prolong our agony shall we?

SOURCE: Google