It’s Update Wednesday again and, as always, Google is silently bringing in some new features to its apps and services. Aside from the Google Play Services update we covered earlier, Google Wallet and Google Camera have both been updated with new, though admittedly basic sounding, features.

Google’s own Camera app brought it some fun features, like depth of field blur and photo sphere. This update adds a bit more, though it is most likely a feature you might have already heard from other camera apps. Now you can take still photos even while recording a video, allowing you to capture specific moments in time without interrupting the recording. Another rather subtle new feature is that the camera’s trigger area no longer switches sides whenever you change your device’s orientation, so that it always sits on the same side as the bottom of your smartphone no matter which way you turn.

Google Wallet has also seen a significant update that likewise sounds like something that should have been there for a long time. While it has long been possible to associate multiple Google accounts on the same Android device or even in the same Google Play Store app, it is only now that Google Wallet achieves that same feature. Now it will be easier to compartmentalize your accounts and purchases without worrying about having to wipe out Wallet’s history every time you switch between accounts.

These updates have already started rolling out via Google Play Store. But, as always, will take some time to reach everyone, at least in markets and devices where these apps are supported.

Download: Google Camera, Google Wallet on Google Play Store