Android 4.4 brought a new look to the dialer and along with that comes some new features. One of those features can be found in the settings, it is listed as “Caller ID by Google.” This one is turned on by default and for now, is listed as being able to show names for people and businesses not in your contact list. Simply put, Caller ID on a mobile device, but there is more coming next year.

For now the timeline is just listed as “early 2014” however there was mention of phone numbers and profile photos. We mentioned the bit about the phone numbers earlier in the week. To that point, there is now a place where you can verify your phone number(s) in your Google account. That page allows you to check/uncheck your number, basically opting in or out.

Assuming you opt in, that means Google will use your number for Caller ID when someone calls you, or when you call someone. But again, you need to first verify your number and also opt-in. Along with phone numbers though, Google also has plans to use your Google+ profile photo.

According to details coming from Google, “users who have verified their phone number and have discovery turned on will have their names and Google Profile photos display whenever they call you, or you call them.” If nothing else, this should make it a bit nicer for those times when you don’t have a persons contact information stored. While this is not quite ready to go into effect, it seems like now may be a good time to make sure you have a profile image that isn’t embarrassing.

VIA: +AttilaBodis, The Verge