If you use Google Calendar to schedule life and invite people to share it with you, the most recent update will be important for you. While the change log only notes minor bug fixes and other nonessential stuff, one feature is particularly nice. With the update, we now get the chance to accept or decline invitations right from the Gmail inbox.

Previously, when an invitation was sent, we had to get into Calendar to accept, deny, or give the noncommittal “maybe” response. Now we can do so right from our inbox, saving the trouble of navigating to and from apps. While not a big improvement, it’s one that saves steps, and we’re always fond of that.

While it seems like there would also need to be a change on Gmail’s end, none is needed. It simply acts a bit more like the desktop version, which is handy in our mobile world. Sadly, Calendar still hasn’t received a UI update, and it needs one. Others, like Cal, make better use of design theory and application, leaving Google to do the back-end work.

With updates to search integration, and even working better with Maps, we like that Calendar also shakes hands with Gmail now. For those who take advantage of Gmail, this is a welcome addition. Especially on-the-go, less steps make life that much easier. For scheduling, it means getting invitees to respond is that much easier. A small change, it has some really nice nuances to it.