When organizing meetings with several team members who have a lot of things going on them with them as well, it can be tough trying to find a common time and you will probably go back and forth on emails and chats just trying to look for that “golden window”. A new feature that Google Calendar is introducing can help solve that issue. You now have a “find a time” option and Google will automatically look for that common time among all the attendees.

This feature is available for those who are on G Suite, or Google App for Works (the former being the new branding for the latter). Create a meeting through your Google Calendar and add the ones you want to invite. Then click on the Find the Time option under the names of your invited guests. It will then show you a list of the best suggestions as to the date and time when you can meet. It won’t just show you one date and time but also the next best slots as back-up in case that’s still not good for one or any of the participants.

In case it doesn’t find a common time for all of you, it will also show conflicts among the group where it might be easy to resolve a conflict. It will also show you a list of suggested places where you can meet, which may be some rooms in your office or a coffee shop that’s in the middle of all of your locations. And even though Google will suggest these things, eventually, it will still be up to you to choose that best fit for all of you.

The “find a time” feature is now available on your Google Calendar if you’re a G Suite user. You can find it on your Android app only for now, but soon, it will also be available on the web version.


SOURCE: Google