While there are tons of messaging apps out there to choose from, there are several that have a very specific audience in mind, like group communication and collaboration. One of those is HipChat, and apparently, it is extremely popular among developers, so much so that the most requested features are now being added. The web and desktop version of the app will now be able to integrate both Google Calendar and Google Drive to make one’s life easier and more organized.

Integrating two of the most used Google products by HipChat users will indeed add to productivity as it will now lessen the time that you spend opening separate apps and switching between them. You will be able to see and manage Google Calendar and access your Google Drive files right from within the app itself. Through HipChat, you will be able to view and share not just one calendars, but all of your various calendars for different projects, and share them to specific people you’re working with and in specific rooms you’re part of. You’ll be able to access them on the right sidebar so it’s just a few clicks (or maybe no clicks at all) away from your view.

As for the Google Drive integration, you will be able to access documents, presentations, and other files, share them with respective team members, and collaborate and edit the documents needed. They worked with third party developer Topdox to be able to bring Drive integration to HipChat. As for the other integration, they used the Google Calendar API.

However, if you’re using the Android app of HipChat, these integrations aren’t available yet. It’s only for the web and desktop client versions. No word yet if it will be available on mobile though.

SOURCE: Google