If you have a lot of things going on within the week, it would be pretty cool to see all of them laid out on a map so you can plan your travel time accordingly. Now that Google Calendar and Google Maps have joined forces, that is now possible. You will now be able to see your scheduled events on your navigation app so you can get to your destination a little bit easier, traffic notwithstanding.

Of course this will only work if you’ve entered a location in your Google Calendar event. That “where” box when you create or edit an event? That’s not just a decoration, especially now that the integration between the two apps is “official”. So all of your events that have locations will show up on your maps, as long as you’re signed in to both. There is now also an Upcoming tab on Google Maps that will show, you guessed it, all of your upcoming event locations. You will see it under “Your Places” on your sidebar menu.


Google also wants to remind you about other features on Google Maps that you may not be using but can come in handy. This includes putting a sticker on your Home and Work places on the map, labeling frequently visited places or even upcoming destinations, bookings and reservations on Gmail showing up on Maps (under Upcoming tab), and synching your Google Contacts on Maps as well to make it easier to look for addresses when meeting up with a contact.

You now have better control in managing all your personal content on Google Maps. The personal content manager is under the settings tab and you can just go on and toggle on and off the things you may or may not need to show up on your maps.

SOURCE: Google