If you’ve gotten used to the way Google Calendar is built and designed, you may have to do a bit of adjustment, at least design-wise, when version 6.0 rolls out to your device. The basic functionalities and organization of the productivity app remains the same but applying the Google Material Theme redesign has made some changes cosmetically to the app, some say not so much for the better. The updated elements and iconography gives it a refreshed look although it will take some getting used to for some.

The merging of the app and status bar as well as the Google Sans font all throughout gives you a cleaner look at first glance once you’ve updated your Calendar app. However, the icon that notes the current date when you’re browsing through the app has now been replaced with a generic icon with a blue dot, which may not be so useful. We’re not really sure why they removed that helpful current date icon so let’s see if the blue dot will have some equally helpful function later on.

You still have the Floating Action Button (FAB) on the lower right corner but of course it now sports the Google colors on white background. You also get new icons in the FAB for Goals and Reminders. The navigation drawer on the upper left hand side will now highlight the currently selected page with a new, rounded, style tab indicator. The icons for Schedule, Day, 3 Day, Week, Month, and Search are now sporting the Material Theme style.

When viewing an event page, instead of the FAB on the lower right to edit details, you now get an edit button in the top right corner, just beside the overflow menu. You’ll see a lot of top-rounded corners and updated icons all throughout the app, as well as bolder line indicators separating the days and hours.

Despite these design changes, the basic functionality as well as the organization of the entire app has not been changed. It will probably look nicer in the long run when other Google apps will also apply the Material Theme, even if it does look a little bit clunky right now. Version 6.0 of the Google Calendar should be rolling out to users in a few days.

VIA: 9 to 5 Google


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