Reading our emails while on our mobile devices is already second nature to us. Even though we know we shouldn’t be reading and replying to them outside office hours, some of us just can’t help it. But replying while on the go is sometimes a little more difficult than just reading. Those who have been using Inbox have found the quick reply button pretty useful and now Google is also bringing that same feature to the Gmail mobile app for Android devices.

When you choose to reply to an email while on your mobile device, it will give you three suggested responses, based on the context of the original message. For example, if someone asks you for a meeting on either Monday or Tuesday, you’ll get suggested responses like “Let’s do Monday”, “Monday works for me”, or “Either day works for me”. When you choose a response, you can either immediately send it or edit it first and add some minor things.

The feature actually uses machine learning so that the suggested responses is more like you. For example, if you always use “thanks!” rather than “thanks.”, it will adapt to your preference. So the more that you use this functionality in Gmail, the more it can learn to tweak the suggested responses. Pretty soon, you’ll realize the three options when you reply actually sounds like you already.

The update is rolling out already to Gmail mobile users so you should check out the Google Play page to see if your account is part of the initial rollout. If not, just wait and answer your Gmail emails the old-fashioned way.

SOURCE: Google