As Ramadan officially starts today, the more than 1.7 billion Muslims around the world sometimes turn to technology to get the information that they need to celebrate and observe this annual occasion. Google wants to get people into the spirit of Ramadan and to help practicing Muslims observe this time of “fasting, gratitude, giving back and connecting with family and friends.” You will now have some special experiences across Google products to help get information and to also share Ramadan greetings using technology.

For those who live in the Middle East, North Africa, and Indonesia, you’ll find customized and locally-relevant information right from your search results. This includes tips, prayer timings, and the most popular recipes that Muslims prepare during this season. You will be able to see the top recipes and YouTube cooking videos directly from the Ramadan search experience. You can even keep up with the latest Ramadan dramas and comedies on Search, since YouTube watch time for these go up 151% during this time.

If you’re traveling during Ramadan, Google’s Qibla Finder is a very helpful tool so you can turn to the direction of Mecca wherever you are in the world. This web app was launched last year and uses augmented reality to help you find Qibla. The update for this year is that you can now use it offline and also add it to your Android Homescreen for easier access.

Lastly, if you want to send Ramadan-themed greetings to your loved ones, Google is launching Qalam, a website where you can create and send Ramadan cards to anyone who’s commemorating this occasion. They collaborated with 9 artists to create more than 35 digital Ramadan and Eid greetings using the virtual reality app Tilt Brush. Go and create your card at

SOURCE: Google