For all you comic book fans we have some excellent news from the folks at Google. It looks like they’ve just pushed a massive update to their offering, and now have well over 400 Dark Horse Comics in the Play Store. Google shared the news over on Google+ and mentioned the comics are available in every region Play Books are supported.

They added slightly over 400 editions of the Dark Horse Comic collection to the Play Store yesterday, and you can start enjoying a few good reads right this minute. They have all the popular titles too. From Star Wars to HellBoy, Aliens, and even Buffy the Vampire Slayer all in a convenient digital version for our smartphones and tablets.

You can build out your collection, or get the last few you might be missing if you’re a diehard comic fan. Google also states that starting today and for a limited time, you can get entire collections starting at just $3.99 as an introductory price. Get them while they’re hot.

For the full list you can start by hitting the via link below, and that will take you to the entire collection of Dark Horse Comics. Don’t spend all that cash in one place now guys. Google’s also added Mexico to the supported list of Play Store Books recently. If you’re in Mexico give it a try today too.

[via Play Store]