Last year, Google introduced .new shortcuts for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides so you can easily create new documents on your desktop or mobile by just typing in the url like,, and Now Google Registry has made it as a domain extension that other companies or organizations can use to make it easier for people to use their service from the browser, whether desktop or mobile. Google shared some of their favorite shortcuts from various brands that are already using them.

If you have a trademarked brand, you can now apply to use .new as a shortcut for your users. Google shared some of the early adapters using the domain to help people not go through so many hoops when trying to use their product. For example, Spotify is using to create a new playlist for the mood you’re in right now. If you’re more about writing than listening to music, type in to post something new on Medium.

Using is a shortcut to creating a new poster or social media asset on Canva. If you want to start a new meeting room on Cisco Webex, just type in webex. new. Creating new links on bitly is now as quick as typing in and then pasting the link you want to shorten. Stripe Dashboard has created so you can create, customize, and send invoices. Even other Google products are getting in on the action with to create a new event from your browser.

Other brands that have reserved their own .new domain include RunKit, Coda, OVO Sound, OpenTable, GitHub, etc. Of course you will have to sign in to the respective apps and services in order to make use of whatever it is you will create. Trademark owners can register their .new domains until January 14, 2020. But starting December 2, 2019, anyone can now apply for a .new domain but it’s only for a Limited Registration Period.

If you’re worried about security, all domains will be served under HTTPS connections so you’re guaranteed to be safe. The other domains like .app, .page, and .dev are also served under that secure connection.


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