A lot of people have started to become concerned about what they share with big tech. Even though we use a lot of these products and services for free, our data is actually the “fee” that we give up and so we have to be more conscious about what we’re allowing them access to. Google is now giving users of Chrome for Android a new Privacy Guide so you can review the various privacy settings that you have on your mobile browser.

TechDow shares that the Privacy Guide is still under development so it may not be available yet for everyone. You have to manually enable it through the Chrome flags and search for Privacy Review and click Enable. After you’ve restarted your browser, you can now access and review your Privacy Settings by tapping on the three-dot icon and go to Settings < Privacy and Security, and then you'll see the new Privacy Guide.

There are a couple of cards available already that will let you check what data you're sharing with Google and to disable them if you prefer. The first one is labeled "Make searches and browsing better". If you want to get improved suggestions in the address bar and make your browsing faster, you can enable this. In exchange, you get to share with Google the URLs that you visit as well as the Chrome usage reports.

The other card is about your History sync and when you enable this, you will be able to continue your browsing activities on all your synced devices. You can also get "better, contextually relevant suggestions" if Google is your default search engine. In exchange, the websites you visit are saved to your Google account. Of course, Google would want you to turn on both features since that's one of the ways they make money.

But at least now, it's easier to review these settings with the new Privacy Guide for Chrome for Android. They will probably be adding more cards here later on since this feature is under development.


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