Google assured us that even as we said goodbye to their Trips app, they would bring its best features to both Search and Maps. And if you’ve been using the site then you know that it’s a pretty good way of actually keeping track of your trips and reservations. Now they’re introducing more new features that would enhance what is already there to help you plan your upcoming trips or come up with itineraries for trips that you’re still planning to take later this year.

Previously, you could already see whether the flights you’re searching for a certain route were low, typical, or high. Now you will be able to see it as well for your already existing itinerary. They can even show you how the price has changed for some flights and then notify you if they predict that may go up soon or will not grow any lower. If they say that the price will not decrease between August 13 and September 2 and it does, then they will refund you the difference.

If your flight and hotel reservations are sent to your Gmail, then you will be able to see it on on a timeline. You can also manually add trips that you haven’t received yet in your email to your timeline. You will now be able to use that site to continue planning your trip as it will recommend things like restaurants, hotels, and other things to do especially if you’re going there for the first time.

Soon you will also be able to see information about the top neighborhoods in a place you’re planning to go to a specific place. This includes the best time to visit, hotel prices and average prices within the area, description of the neighborhood. Your hotel results will be personalized based on places you’ve searched before or places you stayed in, or hotels close to points of interests you were searching for.

Google Maps has also previously announced new features like finding the timeline within the app itself, using a Live View when finding your way around an unfamiliar area, and of course restaurant and tourist destinations within the area.