If you can’t get enough of The Mandalorian on your Disney+ streaming, you’ll be able to experience it in augmented reality on your smartphone. Google has teamed up with Disney and Lucasfilm to create an AR experience on selected Android devices. The Mandalorian AR Experience will bring you some of the iconic scenes of Mando and The Child’s (aka Baby Yoda) adventures from the first season to your living room or whatever space you want to bring it, all through your 5G capable smartphone.

Unlike with the previous AR experiences where you just need to use Google Search, you’ll need to download The Mandalorian AR Experience from the Google Play Store and you’ll need to have a compatible 5G Android device to do so. According to the Google Play description, you’ll be able to recreate some of the more famous scenes from its critically-acclaimed and popular first season, like finding the Child, harnessing the Force, etc.

Through the app you’ll be able to see life-sized versions of your favorite characters as you follow the trail of Din Djarin, otherwise known as The Mandalorian. You’ll be able to unlock additional effects based on the actions that you do within the app since the scenes interact and respond with your surroundings using Google’s ARCore platform. The characters and scenes are able to blend more naturally with whatever environment you’re in.

You’ll receive new content on the app every Monday, which Disney has now “renamed” as Mando Mondays, a marketing campaign to get even more people into The Mandalorian and to please the fans by getting more additional content from the show. If you own a Pixel device, you will get additional exclusive content aside from the app itself as well. While you don’t need a 5G connection, the app experience will only work on select 5G-capable Android devices.

If you own one of the compatible devices, you can download The Mandalorian AR Experience from the Google Play Store for free. Some of the 5G devices that can run it are the Pixel 4a5G, Pixel 5, Samsung Galaxy S20 family, plus some devices from LG, Motorola, OnePlus, Oppo, Sharp, Sony, and Xiaomi.