A lot of us constantly complain that their Internet service provider is too slow or that they’re not getting their money’s worth with their mobile dat plan. While we are not saying we can’t complain (and we should of course, if they’re not giving what they promised), but we should also remember that there are people or countries who do not have Internet, let alone decent Internet, at all. Google now has a new project called Loon, and the first country that they’re bringing these Internet-laden balloons is Sri Lanka.

In their effort to bring “affordable high speed Internet” to a developing country like the South Asian nation, Google has collaborated with the Sri Lankan government so they can be the pilot in this new project. Basically, what they’re doing is sending out balloons all throughout the country that will bring Internet connectivity to almost all areas. Once coverage and connectivity have been confirmed, we can say that they will be the first country to have universal internet coverage.

Lest you think that having Internet connection is just for posting statuses on Facebook or having selfies uploaded on Instagram, being connected to the world wide web has so many benefits, especially or a developing country like Sri Lanka. Students can get more information. Farmers can access weather data to help with their planting and harvest. Patients can have online consultations with doctors if their village doesn’t have one. And of course, we can all be inspired and entertained with games, videos, music, and more.

Sometimes, these are things we take for granted because we are always connected, but remember, as the video below says, sometimes everyone doesn’t really mean everyone. And it is Google’s goal to make the phrase “everyone has Internet” become real someday. They are expecting the whole of Sri Lanka to become covered by the Internet-powered balloons by March 2016.

VIA: SlashGear


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