Halloween may look different this year because of all the pandemic restrictions but that’s not stopping anyone from having a bit of fun, even if most of it will be online. Google is bringing some new 3D Augmented Reality treats on the Google Search app. Don’t worry, there are no ghosts or ghouls to scare you but there are several Halloween themed goodies that you can take a look at, from weird animal costumes to pumpkins and skeletons.

Google’s 3D AR goodies have been fun and interesting (and even educational) as you get to play around virtually with animals and objects. After introducing dinosaurs and other creatures, we now get down to Halloween business. For the animal parts, you’ll get a black cat (of course) with a pointed magical hat, a German Shepherd that doubles as a pirate, and a Weiner dog that is actually a hotdog sandwich. Just search for “cat”, “German Shepherd” or “hot dog” and you should get the Halloween animals in the result cards.

If you don’t feel like seeing Halloween animals, there are also some other slightly scarier options. There’s a classic white sheet ghost, some jack o lanterns, and maybe “scariest” of them all, a wacky, dancing skeleton. Okay, that one will probably not scare you but the dancing is actually cringe-inducing. Just search for “ghost”, “jack o lantern”, or “human skeleton” respectively. That should be good enough for a few laughs.

Just like the previous animals in the 3D AR collection, you can experience it in 3D on your phone or place it in your own space in all its AR glory. There is also some Halloween-themed music to go alongside these special Google Search results. You can also capture photos and videos when you “place” them in your area and they start “moving around”. There’s nothing “educational” going on in here, just fun.

The Halloween 3D AR collection is now available on Google Search for most users. Let’s see if there will be more to this as we approach Halloween or maybe we’ll get ready for Christmas after this.


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