Google Play Store

Not many of you may have noticed it but the tech giant removed the Play Store notifications that appear after apps are updated automatically. For some people, it was a welcome change but others prefer they still see them. It wasn’t a bug. Google definitely removed the alerts. Now the notifications are back, so again, don’t be surprised if you see them especially after updating an app. Some Android users have reported the change so we’re assuming more mobile consumers will see the same.

More notification setting toggles are said to have been added. There is no official announcement from Google yet but the Play Store app has been updated already. Several screenshots were shared with our source and there you can see the changes, updates, and new features.

Google Play Notifications

This is Play Store version 20.7.16-all [0] [PR] 317546459. These are screenshots from a Pixel 3a phone. If you may notice, there is now a toggle for ‘Updates completed’. You have to choose if you want to be notified after an app has finished updating.

The Notification settings include other options: Account (Notify about upcoming charges or problems with payment methods), Updates available (Notify when updates are available for apps), Pre-registration (Notify when you can pre-register for new games that we think you’ll like), and Deals and Promotions (Notify when there are offers that we think you’ll like).

Let’s see if Google will make an official announcement or explanation regarding this change. How about you? Have you seen this change yet?