The days are here when you don’t need to open your laptop when you’re mobile and you need to work on some stuff for school or for work. The presence of free productivity apps like those from Google (Docs, Slides, Sheets, etc) have made it possible not just for us to work on our own but even to collaborate with our colleagues. The latest update to two of those apps, Docs and Sheets, will now bring even more add-on apps so that your mobile work is even more productive.

If you need to digitally sign a document on your Docs and Sheets, you can connect the app DocuSign to trigger and complete the signing process. If your business relies on Customer Relationship Management data, you can use the app ProsperWorks to create and update advanced dashboards, reports, and graphs, straight on your Sheets when you’re on your smartphone or tablet.

If you’re interested in trying to create apps, without actually coding, you can do so on Sheets through the app appropriately called AppSheet. And one of the more important things you need to do for work is probably scan and digitize your business documents. You can do so through Scanbot, which already has built-in OCR so you can insert these scanned docs into your Docs app. It can even be inserted as editable text.

There are a lot of other apps that you can add like PandaDoc, ZohoCRM, Teacher Aide, EasyBib, etc. Just head on over to the Google Play collection or add the apps directly from the add-on menus in Docs or Sheets.

SOURCE: Android Developers