With the expansion of Android launching in different markets all across the world, many of these markets still doesn’t have access to paid apps. This often times lead users to find “alternative” ways of obtaining these highly sought after apps. Paid apps usually offer more features and more options versus their free counterpart. Most of the time there is no free version so if you want the app, you just cant get it through the Android Market.

The Android Market has over 30,000 apps available to download, none of the paid ones are available in certain places including Canada. This may come to an end soon if this rumor pans out. Regarding the Android Market in Canada, Google Canada spokesperson Wendy Rozeluk says,

“There are many factors that come into play to make sure the selling and purchasing processes run smoothly. It takes time to bring support to more countries, which is something we are working hard to do”.

Hopefully everything goes smooth and it wont turn into a major fail like what Rogers Dream and Magic users recently experienced.

[via androidincanada]



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