When Google first revealed their Now on Tap feature that will be part of their Marshmallow update, people were pretty excited about all the possibilities that it can bring in our mobile interactions. However, the actual reality of it was a bit disappointing. It’s either it got some words or phrases wrong or you would always get the “nothing on tap right now” message, which feels like going to your favorite bar, asking for your favorite bar, and the bartender tells you it’s not on tap.

But anyway, Google is trying to figure out how to make it still work for users. Right now, they’re beta testing Google Now cards in the Now on Tap feature. So even if you don’t have any results when you do the Now on Tap motion, at least you’ll still see something, even if it may not be related to the thing you were originally tapping about. At least you did not waste those few seconds pulling up On Tap and you don’t need to swipe left to get to your Google Now cards.

This feature is available in the beta channel of the Google app for Android. Just scroll down the screen after you see the sad “nothing on tap right now” message and you’ll see those cards, which more often than not, is either useful or entertaining for you. But if there are On Tap results, you won’t see the cards anymore.

We’re not sure how this will translate to the actual app when it becomes an official update. But for now, if you want to see how it works, just get the beta version of the Google app.

VIA: Android Police



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