You excited for the Nexus 9 yet? Google’s iPad killer was launched recently but will not be available until the early part of November. The Google Play Store has made the item part of their listings, although it is still noted as “coming soon”. All of us are going to have to wait ‘til November to get our hands on the tablet that has been branded as – “for movers and makers” – but there are pre-order options already.

Firstly, Google has it available at the Play Store, as mentioned already. There are three options when it comes to color for the tablet – “Sand”, “Indigo Black”, and “Lunar White”. You might also want to try pre-ordering via HTC, which is also selling the tablet directly – they are the ones who manufactured the tablet anyways.

Another option for you is Best Buy, which has also made the tablet available for pre-order. The tablet, as mentioned before here in the site, has no expansion storage options – and so you will have to be content with either 16GB or 32GB as internal storage options. Also, there accessories that have come on sale for pre-order via the Google Play Store. There is the Nexus 9 Cover for USD$39 and the Folio Keyboard for USD$129.

We also wrote down in an earlier article that Amazon has also put the product up in its listings for pre-order. The Nexus 9 16GB will be available for USD$399 and the 32GB for USD$479. Are you going to pre-order? Let us know why or why not in the comments section.

VIA: SlashGear