Some Google APIs are anticipated by Android developers because they offer a number of new and cool features. The latest series we’re excited to try are the Google Awareness APIs announced during the Google I/O 2016 last month. These APIs are said to allow apps intelligently to react using snapshots, fences.. and the like. Developers waiting for it can finally get the APIs from the Google Play Services and start “playing” with them.

Google Awareness APIs use seven types of context from weather to location, user activities, and other similar information. What the APIs do is to understand your location or situation and remember them to offer a more personalized and optimized mobile experience. They understand the “context” of the user to deliver the right information or feature one needs at the right time.

For example, the Snapshot API provides a “user’s current location and current weather conditions” while the Fence API lets an app react to changes in a user’s situation or surrounding. Say you want to know if headphones are being used by a user or if he is walking, the API will let you know once those activities are registered. Your app can then start any activity you want it to do. According to Android developers, these APIs can provide “accurate and insightful context cues”. They can also manage your system resources to reduce bandwidth and save on battery.

Some Android apps have started using the Google Awareness APIs like SuperPlayer Music and Trulia as shared by the Android devs. The music app can now suggest music to match your mood because the Fence API and Snapshot API know what you have just done or where you are. Trulia can tell you to visit a property you’ve been wanting to check if the app detects good weather condition.

Google has partnered with a number of developers already to use the new APIs so expect more apps to be updated or announced. If you’re a developer, check out this Google Awareness API developer documentation for more details.

SOURCE: Android Developers Blog