If you’ve missed using Allo and some of the features you had on the now defunct Google messaging app, the good news is that it looks like they’re moving all of the things you liked there to the Messages for Android app. The latest update now is that they will soon make Google Assistant available for the app so you don’t need to go to another app when looking for information based on your conversation and so you can share it immediately to whomever you’re talking to.

The Messages app will soon be able to use on-device artificial intelligence to give you suggestions on certain topics you might be discussing with your contacts. It will give you suggestion chips, which looks like those Smart Reply options that you’ve been getting, and you can either ignore or dismiss them or actually use them to learn and share more information about whatever it is you’re talking about with a colleague, family member, or friend.

Google Assistant will start off with three categories initially. It can give you information about movies, restaurants, and the weather. So if you talk about those three a lot, then you’ll be able to experience Google Assistant a lot on your Messages. When you tap on the suggestion chip, you’ll get more information about that particular topic and then share it without having to leave the app.

Google is also improving the standard messaging experience on Messages by working with various OEMs and carriers like Samsung, Huawei, America Movil, Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefonica, Telenor, and Vodafone. In order to compete with something like iMessage, Google will have to deal with a lot of partners that run Android so they can bring enhanced features like group chats, read receipts, high-quality media sharing, etc.

They did not give a time table for when Google Assistant will be available but it’s probably sa side-server update so just wait for it to appear on your Messages app.

SOURCE: Google