Wearing a mask is a standard health protocol to help fight against COVID-19 infection. But there are still some people who insist that not wearing it is an exercise in their “freedom”. Brands have come up with campaigns to educate people about the benefits of wearing masks and now Google is adding their voice into the mix, literally. Your Google Assistant will tell you why you should wear a mask with a little ditty sung to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle (or Baa Baa Black Sheep or ABC).

Previously, you could ask Google Assistant to sing you a song while you’re washing your hands to make sure you do the entire prescribed 20, or rather 40, seconds. Now you can ask it to explain to you why you need to wear a mask during this time of the pandemic. Well, you can actually use it to teach the kids since the song is to the tune of a nursery rhyme, but no one’s stopping grownups from enjoying the song as well.

Android Police says that to hear the song, you can ask your Google Assistant to sing you a song and most likely, this song will come up. Or you can just ask your digital assistant directly, “Hey Google, do you wear a mask?”. It seems like it’s the female voice that’s doing the singing, because even if your default voice is the guy, he turns It over to the female voice. Maybe he’s not that confident about his singing prowess or something.

Aside from convincing you to wash your hands and wear a mask, Google has been doing a lot to bring the correct information about COVID-19 for those searching for it. This is just a tiny but fan part that they are doing. Not all devices however are hearing the song, some Assistants are just giving users search results about wearing masks when asked the trigger question/phrase.

If you’re curious but you’re not hearing the song just yet, these are the lyrics:

When in public, wear a mask
Just a teeny, weeny task
It helps keep us safe and sound
Health and care, all around
On your mouth and on your nose
Good to cover both of those