Google Assistant and Android Auto have not been best friends for a while now, especially when the former “muted itself” over Bluetooth for some users. But now it looks like users are facing a different kind of issue as the virtual assistant is not responding to the voice commands given over Android Auto even if it understands and even parses speech perfectly. Some users are experiencing a “double beep” when they say OK Google which may mean it’s cutting off itself before it can respond.

A support thread in the Android Auto help page is showing some complaints from users about this particular issue. The user that started the thread said that when he hits the mic button or trigger it through “Hey Google”, he only gets a chime or beep or rather a double been on top of each other and then Google Assistant disappears immediately. There doesn’t seem to be any error message and so he can’t report it immediately. The issue also doesn’t occur outside the Android Auto app and so it’s a problem specifically on the platform.

Another user on Android Police compared how Google Assistant is processed on his phone and on Auto. The Assistant understands what he’s saying but just won’t respond to his queries when used on Auto. Initially, only beta users were complaining about it but eventually, the issue also started appearing on the stable release. The various complaints come from several different connected devices like Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 2 XL, Mate 10, OnePlus 6T, etc.

A community specialist from the Android Auto team responded in the thread and acknowledged that there was a “double beep” issue. She said that the thread will be updated but did not specify if they are working on a fix for this issue. Hopefully that’s what she meant when she said that Google will be updating the thread.

If you’re used to using Google Assistant on your Android Auto while driving, this is a particularly vexing issue. The point of having a virtual assistant in your car is that so you won’t be so distracted while driving but at the same time, have the information you need while on the road. Hopefully this gets fixed soon. In the meantime, you’re better off just using your Google Assistant on your connected smartphone. Just remember to keep your eyes on the road.


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