Google Assistant Set Alarm Clock Feature

The Google Assistant, Google’s very own smart assistant, has since developed into a capable and reliable artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant. It was created to rival Siri and definitely, it has already beaten Apple’s voice assistant. A lot of devices and services from different OEMs have already incorporated Google Assistant so it’s almost everywhere. What used to be Google Now is now the ever-efficient Google Assistant which is actually regularly being updated to become smarter. Recently, it shared tips on surviving the holidays. Today, we’re learning it has new features to customize the alarm clock.

Specifically, the Lenovo Smart Clock is benefitting from this Google Assistant. If don’t have one yet, it’s time to get a unit or two for maybe every room in your house. You can also give it away for Christmas.

The smart alarm clock uses Google Assistant and it’s being updated with customization features. This means more than just alarm suggestions and sunrise alarm, the device can be customized with an ‘Impromptu’ alarm option. This allows a ringtone of your choice. It can be based on the weather or time of the day depending on your preference.

The idea is the Google Assistant will adjust depending on the weather. For example, if an alarm goes off and the device determines the temperature is only less than 50 degrees, a specific ringtone will be heard. It is made possible by machine learning as a result of Google’s Magenta open source project.

The Lenovo Smart Clock will receive further updates and improvements. Expect more granular control over how long an alarm will last, a music recommendation card, and better automatic brightness. Google and Lenovo will only continue to enhance the smart clock as suggested by users.