The Google Assistant has been a helpful guide for many mobile users. Whether on the smartphone or at home with the Google Home or Google Home Hub, the smart voice assistant still needs to further improve to ensure people stay informed or up-to-date not only with technology but with news and current events. You may no longer be interested in them but it’s important that you know what’s happening in the world. As such, the Google Assistant can be your source as it delivers what’s on Google News.

You can soon ask Google for news and updates. Smart speakers will be really “smarter” with this feature because it transforms the device into a radio–except it can be more personalized with the things you want to listen to and know about. And yes, you can even ask Google to skip, go back, or move forward.

Google has started some work with big publications such as the Associated Press, Universo Online, Hollywood Reporter, and South China Morning Post among others. There are over a dozen possible sources to fill your audio news feed.

With Google News artificial intelligence, a device can tell you about the latest news that you can listen to audibly. They are similar to short-form podcasts that may reduce the time you spend on reading or browsing through reports on the Internet. It’s ideal especially if you like to multitask–say, while you’re getting ready for work or cooking, you can just listen to the Google Assistant.

The Google Assistant will provide you a summary of updates and top stories. Of course, Google will only give you stories on topics you like.

VIA: 9TO5Google


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