Google Assistant is trying to constantly improve its capabilities and features, especially in the past few weeks as they’ve been adding new things like third-party support, more features for developers to explore, and new features to get users to make it their digital assistant of choice. The latest update now brings the option to add your phone number to your account. probably for future features they will be introducing as it says it will “help you with things like reservations.”

But since Assistant doesn’t have built-n features that would require you to input your number anyway, this may mean that they will be introducing reservations for restaurants soon. The changelog also says the number will be used for sign in and to help people connect with you across Google services. However, your number will not be visible to them and only you can see it. Go to the bottom of the “Personal info” menu and enter your number and they will send you an SMS to confirm.

Google Assistant will eventually add third-party Actions that may need your numbers, like a partnership with reservation service Open Table. Other Google services like Maps and Search already have the capability to directly book fitness classes, spa, and salon appointments. Pretty soon you will also be able to do that by telling Google Assistant what to do.

However, adding your mobile number seems to only be available for the iOS version of Google Assistant for some strange reason. It should probably arrive for Android pretty soon.

VIA: 9 to 5 Google


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