A few years ago, most people would probably not have been able to afford to have security systems set up in their homes unless you were a Hollywood star or a rich business person or something. But technology has brought a lot of more affordable security brands into the market, giving ordinary Joes and Janes the ability to protect their homes especially when they’re away. Now we have more Google Assistant integration to make it easier to access these tools.

Google’s digital assistant can now work with more security cameras and lights brands out there to help you still feel secure even when you’re away. Arlo Security Lights will give you instant alerts when it detects motion while Nest Cam can stream videos from your house every hour that you’re not there. Just ask Google Assistant to check on your house through the app or ask it to stream the live feeds into Chromecast-enabled TVs wherever you are. You can even talk through the camera if you want to scare off intruders.

Google Assistant is also now integrated with some smart lock brands. These smart locks actually lets you lock and unlock your door even when you’re not there and you can also easily monitor your doorstep remotely. Google is launching a new integration with Nest x Yale Lock which will let you check the status, lock and unlock the door remotely, and also integrate it with your Routine. If you say, “Hey Google, goodnight” it will lock your doors.

You can also now integrate your Google Assistant with other brands like August Smart Lock, Schlage® Sense Smart Deadbolt, and Sesame Lock by Candy House, where you can share access to your house with trusted people aside from the aforementioned capabilities. There are also new partnerships with smart security systems like ADT Pulse, Honeywell’s new Smart Home Security solution and Nest Secure alarm system. They can send an alert to your phone if the alarm goes off then you can silence the alarm through the app then call the police.

Google will be integrating with even more security brands in the future to help you keep safe and secure, especially when you’re not there. Having Google Assistant make features and tools easier to access is a very welcome bonus for everyone involved. Well, except the intruders probably.

SOURCE: Google