If you have a pretty big household and almost everyone is in the chore-doing and device-carrying age, it would be fun to be able to assign things to them digitally and without even having to write or type things out. Google Assistant now lets you create Assignable reminders to help you and your family or household stay organized whether you’re at home or each member is going around in different places. And all you have to do is to start saying, “Hey Google”.

You will now be able to create reminders for various members of your family and remind them to do things like pick up groceries, pay a bill, take out the trash or drop off the laundry. The voice command can be something like, “Hey Google, remind Paul to take out the trash” or “Ok Google, remind Anna to pick up her prescription at the pharmacy later.” It can also just be a note to encourage them or tell them you’re proud of them, like “Hey Google, remind Kathy that she will ace that presentation later.”

When you assign a reminder to someone, they will get a notification on any of their Google Assistant-powered devices. They will get the notification when you create them and also at the time that you specified that they get the reminder. You can also make the reminder location based. For example, “Hey Google, remind Paul to take out the trash when he arrives” and that reminder will pop up when the Assistant detects that he is within the vicinity of your house.

And if you forgot what tasks you assigned to someone, you can ask “Hey Google, what are my reminders for Paul?” However, you will only be able to send and receive reminders to people who are in your Google family group or if their accounts are linked to the same Smart Display or speaker. You also need to be Voice Matched in order for this to work. You can create an account for kids below 13 in your Family Link then link them to the Google Home speaker.

Assignable reminders will be available in English on your smartphone, tablet, smart speakers, and Smart Displays. However, it will only be in the U.S., U.K., and Australia. They will also be adding support for the Google Next Hub Max once it’s available this fall.


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