It took them a bit of time to get there, but now finally Google is unleashing its Google Assistant for Android TV to help you give voice-activated commands to your TV set, without having to lift a finger. For now, it’s only available for NVIDIA SHIELD TV though but it will be rolling out to Sony Bravia TVs in the next few months, and hopefully, to even more Android TVs later on. You will be able to load and run your entertainment of choice, get the information you need as well as control your smart home devices through the voice-controlled assistant.

If you have a SHIELD TV, you have to accept the system update to be able to use Google Assistant. After your device restarts, just press the mic button on your remote and start asking questions or giving commands using OK Google or whatever trigger phrase you use. However, only those with SHIELD in the US will be able to use this feature.

You can ask Assistant to play movies and TV shows and videos from streaming services like HBO NOW, Netflix, or YouTube and play music from Spotify. Google Music, etc. If you don’t know what video or music you’re looking for, you can ask it to “show me movies about ______” or “play music from _____”. You can ask for your agenda for the day and even catch up on the latest news. You can also use other apps available on Android TV like Fitstar, Wall Street Journal, etc and with Google Express, you can even order from Walmart, Walgreens, etc.

To celebrate the arrival of the Google Assistant on Android TV, they are offering a free three-month subscription to YouTube Red so you can watch ad-free videos and listen to uninterrupted music from the service.

SOURCE: Google