Some of you may not have noticed it but the Google Assistant has an Interpreter Mode. The feature has plenty of users that Google decided to develop its own dedicated Android app. This means a new translation tool is available on the Play Store. Download the Google Assistant Interpreter Mode app and take advantage of its speed and reliability when it comes to language translation of written or spoken sentences. The separate app is just as useful but it is faster and more focused now.

The Google Assistant – Interpreter Mode app is basically a shortcut tool to the interpret mode on the Google Assistant. It works the same. You will see your default language on the left and the translated text on the right side. Select the language you want to translate to, confirm, and then wait for the interpretation when in interpreter mode.

Try any of the three modes ready on the mobile app: Auto mode, Manual, and keyboard. Each mode offers benefits like automatic translation when you need speed, careful selection, and use of keyboard if you just want to type the desired language.

The new app also offers Smart Replies with suggested translations. At this point, there are more than 70 language choices. More may be added by Google in the future.

Most languages can be translated by “speaking” but there are those that can’t. The Google Assistant will let you know what those languages are. You can try typing a new language and see if a translation is available.


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