One of the more interesting things that Google Assistant has added to its “talents” is the interpreter mode. It’s a real-time translation feature that can be used in places like hotels, airports, banks, etc where people pass through every day that may not speak the same language. It can be accessed through smart speakers, smart displays, and more conveniently, smartphones as well. Now they are expanding it into a full-service solution that businesses can access through the Nest Hub.

Google has partnered with system integrators Volara and SONIFI so businesses will be able to have real-time translated conversations with their customers. The full-service solution is available in 29 languages and can be accessed through a Google Nest Hub. They are expanding to more International airports and lounges, banks, and hotels as well as for other things like managing live sports events, organizations involved in humanitarian efforts.

The interpreter mode can be useful in several situations like conversing with people at the information desks at airports when looking for luggage, terminal gates, and other information. For humanitarian organizations, the mode can help translate conversations between the organization and the community that they’re trying to help. Small businesses can also use this to share experiences with people and communities that do not speak the same language but they would like to reach.

If you want to try out the interpreter mode on your Google Assistant, you can just say “Hey Google, be my Spanish interpreter” or “Hey Google, help me speak German” and it will start translating your conversations with whomever you’re talking to. It was initially available on smart speakers and displays only but then Google added smartphones to the mix since it’s more convenient for all involved.

But for the full-service solution, it’s currently available on the Google Nest Hub smart display only. Both Volara and SONIFI are their authorized solution providers so businesses will have to go through them if they need to get it for their establishments.


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