It’s going to be a busy fourth quarter for everyone. No, it’s not just because of deadlines at work or rushing to finish projects but because of all the shopping, you need to do. Of course, that’s not the most important thing in the world but for geeks and techies, this is the best season to shop. While you’re in mood, may we suggest you be updated with the Google Assistant because it can help you with the tons of tasks you need to do.

The Google Assistant can help you go through each day with us. It helps you streamline your schedule and manage projects for work or even those seemingly menial tasks for the home.

For the mothers, take advantage of the Broadcast feature because it can help you get things done for the kids and the whole family. Use the Assistant to send a message from your phone to a smart speaker so people will be reminded of things. You can receive a response and then send back a reply.

If you need to cook a meal, use your smart display in the kitchen. You don’t have to bring your phone or tablet because the Google Home Hub, JBL Link View, or the Lenovo Smart Display is enough. This will come handy especially during Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

To help the kids learn more responsibilities, the Google Assistant will help you set up daily habits and reminders. Set up an alarm to be given by their favorite characters from the LEGO gang and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Storytime is more fun with Read Along. You can also request the Google Assistant to tell you any bedtime story or start your own family adventure.

If you’re getting bored, tell the Google Assistant just about anything. You will be surprised what it can tell and show you what to do.

On your Smart Display, check the Home View dashboard to manage your other media and entertainment devices at home. More products from different brands have been added.

When you listen to audiobooks or podcasts, you can adjust the playback speed now so you can be more productive. Play trivia games if you want to exercise your brain.

The Cloud App now gets Routines so data and information you need will be presented right on schedule every time you start your daw. It knows when you’ve dismissed an alarm.

If you want others to start with their smart home journey, buy the Smart Light Starter Kit from the Google Store, Target, Lowes,, and Best Buy, starting November 12.

SOURCE: The Keyword (Google)